Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3827 - Chapter 901 - Pseudo-Apex Powers' Wealth

Chapter 3827 - Chapter 901 - Pseudo-Apex Powers' Wealth

02Chapter 3827 - Chapter 901 - Pseudo-Apex Powers' Wealth    

Chapter 901 – Pseudo-Apex Powers’ Wealth    


“Okay! Red-Tailed Dragon is willing to cooperate!”    

Tarnished Wind accepted the partnership with Zero Wing on Red-Tailed Dragon’s behalf without hesitation. He didn’t even bother to discuss it with Red-Tailed Dragon’s current Great Commander.    

“The Hundred Dragon Assembly is also willing to cooperate!”    

“I can sign a God’s Domain Contract on behalf of the Moonlight Family!”    

Upon seeing Tarnished Wind’s response, the other pseudo-apex powers’ representatives promptly followed suit, worried that Shi Feng might regret his decision or limit the number of partners.    

Five minutes later, eight of the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary’s pseudo-apex powers finished signing a God’s Domain Contract with Zero Wing. Another hour later, the eight pseudo-apex powers jointly took control of the Flame Dragon God’s Nest’s entrance with the help of the Access Key in Shi Feng’s possession. Each also mobilized several of their trump card legions to take turns garrisoning Flame Vein Holy City. This situation dumbfounded the Dragon God Palace and the Divine Wing Dynasty, which were still contemplating occupying Flame Vein Holy City by force.    


“Have they lost their minds? Isn’t it just a partnership? Why have they gone as far as to commit their trump card legions?” Ember Dragon nearly went crazy when he received the latest report from his subordinates.    

It was already bad enough that this incident had tarnished his reputation in the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary and caused the Dragon God Palace’s Guild Leader to doubt his capabilities. Now, the eight pseudo-apex powers’ behavior was even testing his sanity.    

To his utter confusion, the eight pseudo-apex powers mobilized their trump cards to clear out the players in the Flame Dragon God’s Nest. Furthermore, they did not hesitate to start a war with the Dragon God Palace’s and the Divine Wing Dynasty’s members, preventing them from grinding in the secret land.    

“It seems Black Flame is quite capable,” the bandaged youth said jokingly. Unlike Ember Dragon, he did not react angrily to the news. “But you don’t have to worry. I’ve looked into Zero Wing.”    

“Well? What’s up with that Zero Wing?” Ember Dragon asked, looking at the bandaged youth with eagerness in his eyes. “Is it really one of those hidden ancient powers?”    

“I can only say that you were unlucky,” the bandaged youth said, shaking his head. Then, he calmly explained, “    


 have already gone through all their records and are certain that Zero Wing isn’t some hidden ancient power, and neither is Dragon’s Crown. However, Dragon’s Crown is indeed powerful. It is likely to be an existence that closely rivals apex powers. Zero Wing’s Guild Leader must have gotten lucky and acquainted himself with one of Dragon’s Crown’s executives. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Zero Wing turns out to be a Guild secretly cultivated by Dragon’s Crown. Black Flame has deceived those pseudo-apex powers.”    

“Dragon’s Crown only closely rivals apex powers?” Ember Dragon’s gaze turned cold after learning this. “Black Flame! How dare you deceive me! I will make you and Dragon’s Crown pay for this!”    

“Hold your horses,” the bandaged youth said. “It still isn’t time to expose ourselves.”    

“What about this secret land, then? Even the Guild Leader is considering replacing me because of Black Flame!” Ember Dragon bellowed. “Black Flame is only an ant ranked 281st on the Divine Glory List! If I don’t deal with him, my days in the Dragon God Palace will be numbered!”    

“I understand your troubles,” the bandaged youth said sternly. “But the situation is different now.     


side might be taking action soon, so we haven’t much time left. We need to establish a stable route to the Eternal Realm quickly. Black Flame is nothing but a clown flaunting strength he doesn’t have. We have plenty of time to deal with him later. While we are at it, we can even take care of Dragon’s Crown at that time!”    



 side is taking action soon?” Ember Dragon cooled down when he heard the bandaged youth’s words, the anger in his eyes replaced by fear. “I understand. I’ll personally lead a team to establish a route immediately.”    


Flame Vein Holy City, Flame Vein Advanced Hotel:    

After officializing his partnership with the eight pseudo-apex powers, Shi Feng left the Flame Dragon God’s Nest.    

Players inside the Flame Dragon God’s Nest could not communicate with the outside world or go offline. Additionally, ten days had gone by in the Greater God’s Domain while he was away in the remnant primordial world. It was unhealthy to spend such a long time in God’s Domain, even for great grandmasters. Thus, he needed to relax his mind and body in the real world.    

I got quite a harvest this time. In addition to the Empress’s Scales, I even got the World’s Scar.    

 Shi Feng felt delighted as he looked at the World’s Scar, which he had spent five million Undying Souls to redeem, in his bag.     

With this weapon, I should be able to rope Aurebeth into Zero Wing and add another sixth-floor expert to the Guild.    

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to use the World’s Scar himself. After all, the weapon was publicly acknowledged as the Greater God’s Domain’s number one Divine Sword in his previous life. No Swordsman could resist owning such a weapon.    

However, Shi Feng changed his mind after redeeming the World’s Scar.    

This was because the current World’s Scar was a thoroughly damaged Divine Artifact that players couldn’t wield. There was also no mention of how the World’s Scar could be repaired.    

Under such circumstances, Aurebeth was probably the only person in the Greater God’s Domain who could return the World’s Scar to its former glory. After all, Aurebeth had wielded the complete World’s Scar in Shi Feng’s previous life.    

While Shi Feng was sorting his harvest, a knock came from the door of his hotel room. Then, the door opened, and Apocalypse entered the room respectfully.    

“Guild Leader Black Flame, excuse my interruption,” Apocalypse said as he walked up to Shi Feng. Then, he took out a list and awkwardly continued, “After discussing with the other powers, we have decided on the first batch of players we will send into the secret land. The eight of us will send a total of 80,000 players into the secret land for ten days. According to our agreement, we will pay you eight million bottles of Life Potion through the God’s Domain Association. They should reach Star Lake City in three days.”    

“Eighty thousand players will be entering for ten days?” Shi Feng was surprised.    

Assuming that each pseudo-apex power would send 10,000 players into the Flame Dragon God’s Nest for ten days, each would have to pay Zero Wing one million bottles of Life Potion. This was a significant amount, even for a pseudo-apex power.    

“Yes. We decided to send a few more people since this is the first batch,” Apocalypse said, nodding. “Of course, if you think there are too many, we can reduce the number.”    

“No need. Eighty thousand is fine,” Shi Feng said as he stamped the contract list with the Flame Dragon God’s Access Key. Contrary to Apocalypse’s opinion, Shi Feng was glad to see the eight pseudo-apex powers send more players into the secret land. After all, this would increase the number of Life Potions he could obtain. As for whether the eight pseudo-apex powers would redeem the Flame Dragon God’s Treasury’s items, he did not prohibit it.    

Although the Flame Dragon God’s Treasury had plenty of good items, the only precious item that remained was the Flame God Set. However, the Flame God Set required 50 million Undying Souls to redeem. That wasn’t an amount that the eight pseudo-apex powers could obtain in ten days. On the other hand, he could collect the remaining 50 million Undying Souls Dragon’s Crown had promised him the next time he summoned Dragon’s Crown’s members. Hence, he wasn’t worried that someone would snatch the Flame God Set.    

After Shi Feng settled his agreement with the eight pseudo-apex powers, he logged out to rest. However, five seconds after he disappeared, a lithe figure suddenly entered his hotel room covered in sweat.    

“I was still too late?” When Heiser saw that Shi Feng was no longer in the room, she couldn’t help feeling frustrated as she recalled the instructions her teacher Laura had given her before abruptly leaving. “I guess I can only wait until he comes back online…”    




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